100% grant

All 100% grants are at present cancelled. New info will follow shortly

Twice a year through 3 public open calls Palazzo Stabile offers 6 full grant residencies to visual artists, writers and musicians. The 100% grant includes accommodation and studio space


The residency does not follow a set program rather it provides the time, space and a serene atmosphere for artists to develop their personal project. However expectations from the artist is serious work; a digital summary of the project realized and communicating Palazzo Stabile when presenting the project to public.


50% grant


Palazzo Stabile offers 50% grants to emerging and mid career artists. The grant offers 50% discount on accommodation and studio space. No food is included. Duration of the stay is a minimum of 1 week. Applications must be written in English, containing CV, link to website or PDF of 10 images showing current work or video/sound samples, project/work proposal as well as intended dates and duration of stay.


The Price of 1 week is 240€; thereafter 35€ p/night.


Music Grant


Our music grant is for Musicians/producers/sound artists and all others who work creatively with sound. It separates from the other grants by providing free access to our Recording Studio including our in-house technician for two weeks. Groups and bands are also encouraged to apply. All members of the group will get  free accommodation,  but music grant does not include food.



Performing arts


Once a year, Palazzo Stabile offers a 100% grant for performing arts, focusing on Dance/performance and crossover projects. Our recording studio is available upon request if the project is of a multidisciplinary nature. Our deadline is the 10th of December, and the duration is one month. The residency takes place in may or june.


How to apply?


Open call for musicians will be held in May and September; for visual artists in April and November and for writers in March and October, the deadline for applications is the last day of the respective months. The residency will take place 3 to 4 months after the deadline.


There are no limits as to age or nationality.  Applications must be written in English containing CV, project proposal and a link showing your current work. Either to your website or PDF of maximum 10 images, link to Soundcloud/Vimeo or other sound/video links.


All applications are sent to


Grants will be selected on artistic merit, project proposal and the intended outcome during the proposed stay.


Our grants does not include travel expenses or production support.